Annual Report 2018
Country Reports


Henry Jeffrey The University of Edinburgh



27th February 2018 and 18th July 2018 – Marine Energy Policy Fora, London
28th February 2018 – RenewableUK Wave and Tidal 2018, Glasgow
19th April 2018 – Marine Energy Wales Annual Conference 2018, Cardiff
2nd – 3rd May 2018 – AllEnergy 2018 
2nd May 2018 – Marine Energy Council (MEC) kick-off meeting, Glasgow
18th July 2018 – Marine Energy Showcase, London
26th September 2018 – Scottish Renewables Marine Conference 2018, Edinburgh
30th – 31st October 2018 – Ocean Energy Europe 2018, Edinburgh 
5th December 2018 – Supergen Annual Assembly, Edinburgh
6th December 2018 – Wave Energy Scotland Annual Assembly, Edinburgh


Marine Energy Council 
In 2018, the industry formed the Marine Energy Council as to engage with the UK Government and other stakeholders in a unified manner. The council is made up of representatives from the industry including those from Renewable UK, Scottish Renewables, Marine Energy Wales and the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, plus members from technology and project developers, supply chain companies and consultants. Throughout the year, the industry has engaged with a number of parties to develop a suitable benefit case for the support by the UK Government of marine energy through new revenue support models aligned with its industrial strategy, bringing investment, export opportunities and jobs to the coastal communities where the sources of marine energy can be accessed.