Annual Report 2018

Ocean Energy in Insular Conditions

The OES has been discussing the use of ocean energy on islands and remote communities where energy is not often affordable, reliable or accessible, and in most cases is imported. These regions have often an abundant ocean energy resource; however introducing ocean energy technology in such environments is a challenge and an opportunity.

A first workshop on “Ocean Energy in Insular Conditions” was organised in 2017, at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), in Singapore, to facilitate the discussions of the various stakeholders situated on islands or remote coastal areas, with a focus on the small communities of Southwest Asia regions.

In 2018, a second workshop was organised by the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN), in Cherbourg, France. This workshop looked at the opportunities and barriers to local adoption of ocean renewable energy on island communities extending the previous exercise done at Southwest Asia to the Atlantic and Pacific regions. New business models that could support the uptake of ocean energy in insular regions and remote areas were discussed. This workshop was attended by the European Commission representatives from DG MARE and DG RTD, representatives from the US Department of Energy, developers active on island regions, and experts from universities, R&D institutes and trade associations. The workshop addressed 3 sessions:

  • Achievements of ocean renewables on island regions: dedicated to present past and ongoing activities on islands;
  • Challenges and opportunities for ocean renewables on island regions: focused on future ocean energy activities on islands planned by developers, challenges and new business models;
  • Round table on barriers for the adoption of ocean energy on islands, addressing five different aspects: environmental, technical, legal/political, supply-chain, financial/economic.

A third workshop is planned in 2019, in Hawaii.