Annual Report 2018

Vision, Role and Values




"As the authoritative international voice on ocean energy we collaborate internationally to accelerate the viability, uptake and acceptance of ocean energy systems in an environmentally acceptable manner."


Using its unique position as an intergovernmental organisation, the OES’s role is to:
  25621-connect-icon.png Connect
with organisations and individuals working in the ocean energy sector to accelerate development and enhance economic and environmental outcomes 
   42496-educate-icon.png Educate
people globally on the nature of ocean energy systems, the current status on development and deployment, and the beneficial impacts of such systems, improve skills and enhance research.
   53632-motivate-icon.png Motivate
governments, agencies, corporate and individuals to become involved with the development and deployment of ocean energy systems
   44695-facilitate-icon.png Facilitate
research, development and deployment of ocean energy systems in a manner that is beneficial for the environment and provides an economic return for those involved.




The OES also established a set of Organisational Values that would guide its future actions:


  Integrity   Any information provided can be relied upon
  Outcome-oriented   We are driven by pragmatic solutions that enhance the global community
  Knowledgeable   All information is based on fact and we strive to ensure that we always have the most relevant and up-to-date researched facts available
  Inspirational   Our performance and our members are committed to providing inspired and collaborative information to accelerate the implementation of environmentally friendly ocean energy systems globally.
  Collegial   We are committed to working professionally with each other in the pursuit of our audacious goal.