Annual Report 2018
Country Reports


Ana Brito e Melo & Antonio Falcão WavEC Offshore Renewables) & Instituto Superior Técnico (IST)


In 2018, WavEC, IST, INEGI, University of Algarve and other Portuguese Universities, public and private entities were active partners in national or international research efforts on ocean energy. The granting support by the Blue Fund (Fundo Azul), a new national funding scheme launched in 2017, aimed at developing the blue economy, has been announced during the year.

There has been continuous progress with the oscillating water column and air turbines, following decades of research in Portugal with this type of wave energy technology and its power take-off. A new turbine prototype has been tested in one of the OWCs of the Mutriku breakwater and further on a floating OWC prototype in the Basque country, at Bimep.

AW-Energy continues active in Portugal, progressing with its project to be installed in Peniche.