Annual Report 2018
Country Reports


Jin-Hak Yi Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology



Floating Pendulum Wave Energy Converter
Since 2012, the development project for the 300 kW floating pendulum-type wave energy converter (FPWEC) has been carried out by KRISO with the support from MOF. The size of FPWEC is 23m(B) x 30.5m(L) x 10m(H), hydrostatic power transmission was used for PTO and connected to  300 kW and 11kV synchronous generator, and 4 point 8 lines catenary system was applied for mooring. The construction of FPWEC was completed in 2016, and the remote operating and monitoring system was tested and optimized in 2017. The FPWEC was installed at the fourth berth of K-WETEC and grid-connected in 2018.
31611-pendulum.jpgBird eye view of FPWEC (left). FPWEC installed at K-WETEC (right).
25064-active.jpgOnshore demonstration event for 200kW TEC
Active-Controlled Tidal Current Power Generation System
The project is aimed to develop and demonstrate the active-controlled, high efficiency and low cost 200 kW TEC, with the operating capacity applicable to the shallow sea conditions (about 20 m). The 200 kW TEC was designed and manufactured by KIOST and its caisson-type substructure was designed, fabricated, and deployed by Hyundai Engineering and Construction in 2016.

The performance of PMSG and main drive train has been evaluated using a portable dynamo test facility, and the internal communication system and the active rudder device for automatic and passive yaw control has also been tested in indoor and underwater environments in 2017-2018. The installation of TEC was postponed due to the weather condition and it will be installed in the Uldolmok test site for open sea test in the early 2019.
For the commercialization of the ocean thermal energy converters (OTECs), KRISO is in charge of developing a 1 MW OTEC demonstration plant. The plan is to complete the installation on a barge and perform the short-term operation in the eastern coast of Korea by 2019, followed by transferring and construction as on-land type to conduct long-term operation in South Tarawa, Kiribati, in 2020. 
22860-kriso.jpgLocations for assembling and verification for 1MW OTEC Plant (left). Location for 1MW OTEC plant on offshore platform in South Tarawa, Kiribati (right)