Annual Report 2018
Country Reports


Rodolfo Silva-Casarín CEMIE Océano



A programme for the implementation of the Technological Roadmaps for ocean energies published in 2017 by the Ministry of Energy is being continually updated as technological developments take place and public policies are improved. In line with the programme, a theoretical assessment of wave, current, saline gradient and thermal gradient energy resources in Mexico has been elaborated by CEMIE-Océano. Extending the off-grid access to electricity is among the objectives of developing ocean energy in Mexico. Another objective concerns clean energy materials challenges (e.g. superhydrophobic, nanostructured ceramic and polymeric coatings). Progress has been made in the instrumentation of two natural laboratories, in the development of prototypes, materials and technical bases for environmental and social regulation. Joint projects have been approved to optimize resources for the use of marine bioenergy and offshore wind energy.