Annual Report 2018
Country Reports


Kim Nielsen Rambøll



Wave energy activities in Denmark continue to be driven by the Strategy for Wave Power published 6 years ago and by the Danish Wave Power Roadmap from 2015. Wave energy in Denmark is funded mainly through the EUDP. There are 10 active Danish wave energy developers: Exowave, Weptos, Resen, WavePiston, Waveplane, Floating Power Plant, Leancon, Crestwing, KN Swing and Wave Dragon. The most relevant wave energy activities recently undertaken include: The collaboration of Floating Power Plant, a hybrid wind and wave technology, with DP Energy for the development of projects in Scotland and Wales; the installation and testing of Crestwing prototype with data to be analysed by NIRAS in co-operation with DHI; and the testing at of the WavePiston at the DanWEC test site and the completion of the WEPTOS testing in sheltered water.