Annual Report 2018
Country Reports


Declan Meally and Patricia Comiskey Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

Ireland is actively committed to harnessing its abundant wave, tidal and offshore wind energy resources while developing an indigenous ocean energy industry in the process. 2018 saw the completion of the review of the Offshore Renewable Energy Development Plan. The review confirmed that all relevant agencies and Government departments within Ireland remain committed to support this burgeoning sector and offering one single gateway for information and access to the ocean energy industry in Ireland.

Development of Irish technologies such as OE Buoy and Gkinetic were also greatly progressed in 2018. OE Buoy has completed build of its 500 kW machine in Vigor ship yards in Oregon USA. The buoy will be transported for testing in Hawaii in Q1 2019. Gkinetic tested 25KW prototype in Bordeaux in France. Disappointingly, 2018 was also the year that Naval Energies ceased production of the Irish based OpenHydro tidal technology, despite successfully deploying a 2MW machine in Canada in July 2018 and securing options to deploy in France. Regardless the industry is progressing and knowledge gained in the development and operation of this technology has not been lost, given that many have chosen to reinvest their knowledge and expertise into other companies within the sector.