Annual Report 2018
Country Reports


Peng Wei (National Ocean Technology Center)





  • LHD Tidal Current Energy Demonstration Project
    Supported by the SFPMRE, the Hangzhou United Energy Co. Ltd. is developing the LHD Tidal current energy demonstration project. The #1 demonstration platform was deployed near Xiushan Island in March 2016.  They plan to install 7 turbines in their platform, with installed capacity of 3 400 kW. 2 turbines (600 kW, 400 kW) were installed on the platform in July and connected to the grid in August 2016. The amount of electricity accumulated was more than 1GWh until December2018. In 2016, Hangzhou United Energy Co. Ltd. was funded RMB 45 million by the SFPMRE to develop new 300 kW h-axis turbines and a new 400 kW v-axis turbines. The turbines were deployed in December 2018; the capacity of LHD project reached 1.7 MW.

    In 2018, LHD was funded RMB 72 million by the SFPMRE to press ahead with the next phase project, including (4.1 MW) #2 platform and a 1 MW V-axis turbine. Three turbines will be installed on the #2 platform, the full capacity of LHD project across all phases will be up to 7 MW.

  • ZJU Tidal Current Energy Demonstration Project
    In 2018, the Zhejiang University (ZJU) installed a 600 kW tidal current turbine on the platform near the Zhairuoshan Island (with 60 kW turbine already deployed in 2014 and 120 kW turbine deployed in 2015). In the future, the platform will serve as a testing platform for tidal current energy turbines.









Sponsored by SFPMRE, NOTC developed the mobile test system for MRE device (Including power test system, monitoring system, data communication system and comprehensive evaluation system). The test system can provide test service such as power quality and power characteristic of MRE power system for MRE developer.















  • Wanshan Wave Energy Demonstration Project
    Based on the previous wave energy research, the SFPMRE supported the construction of China's first MW-level wave energy demonstration farm in July 2017. Led by GIEC, it is jointly undertaken by other 6 units, including China Southern Power Grid and China Merchants Heavy Industry Co. The total project budget is RMB 151 million. It aims to use Sharp Eagle wave power generation technology developed by GIEC to build a MW class wave energy demonstration farm on Wanshan Island. It will make Wanshan become an important base for intensively displaying wave energy technology in China, and popularize and apply Wanshan technology to other islands in China. The design for construction, PTO system and mooring system was finished, the manufacture began in December 2018 and will finish in October 2019.